IMG_6803  NoMad Farms is in its first year of operation and is the flagship for Peddlers’ Produce.  Owned and operated by David Hosey and George Seay, collectively it brings with it over 20 years of growing and farming experience.  Never with a permanent piece of land to call home David and George have teamed up to try to see if two people are better than one when trying to “break into” diversified small-scale farming.  Currently their operations consist primarily of produce.  They offer a small subscription/ CSA package and  a weekly variety box for the avid veggie fan in addition to “a la carte” raw produce, flowers, herbs and fruit.   Nomad Farms is the last farm on the right, with the cute yellow cottage, on Sawdridge Creek Road in Owen County.  There are open farm hours Saturdays 1-5p May through September.  Come on out enjoy the fresh air, get dirty and shop a little if you like.  They look forward to the opportunity to bring food to your table.


ET_header (Joel Dufour)-  I grew up on a farm in southern Indiana. We had 10 acres of organic market vegetable gardens and Dad had a good assortment of tools for us boys to keep busy. Most of these tools were rather old, and of a high quality not often found in garden tools today.

After a year of searching, after I opened my own business, for something comparable to what I grew up with, I found the lines of mainly hand-forged tools that I now offer in this catalog. These tools impressed me with their quality and craftsmanship; I have being using and selling them since 1994.  I’m happy to be able to offer tools that are comparable (or better, in some cases) to what I used on Dad’s farm and also comparable in quality to the BCS power equipment I sell – when maintained, they will last a lifetime.

If there are any tools listed on the Earth Tools site that are not featured in the Peddlers’ Store just contact us (Peddlers’ Produce).  We will see about the availability and get them to you as quickly as possible.


image  Fuzzy Face Farm – We have just returned to the bluegrass state after six and half years in Vermont. Vermonters live a simple life that revolves not only around supporting local farms & business, but also promoting a strong sense community. We like the idea of sharing local produce with local people. The goals we have for this farm also revolve around diversity & sustainability. Diversity in the garden just makes sense not only for weed control & aesthetics, but also for soil health & pests. We hope our future farm products will include eggs, honey, and goat’s milk. Sustainability strategies are so important for small farms. We plan to implement of a no till technique for the garden next season. This will improve our soil health as well as lessen the effects of drought. We do not intend to use synthetic herbicides or pesticides. We are currently using a minimal mow strategy throughout the rest of the farm to promote wildlife and reduce soil erosion. Although this is our first year we have worked hard and will have a variety of produce available throughout the summer & fall.

fritz    Fritz’s Apiary is owned by Fritz Vorisek who has been keeping bees for over twenty years. He is a researcher and breeder of local honeybees and offers locally crafted honey that has been minimally processed. The bee strains he uses has been personally selected, and the hives modified so that no chemicals are ever used. His apiaries (bee yards) have also been specifically selected, to be considered . . .“As Organic As Can Bee.”

IMG_0265 Cedar Ring Greens Farm is a certified organic farm operated by Connie Lemley focused on growing lettuces and other greens throughout the farmers’ market season and are expanding to grow and sell produce through the winter as well. We also have a variety of other produce, including lots of tomatoes, onions, garlic and sweet potatoes, and all of our produce is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

We strive to grow food sustainably and want our work to be part of making Frankfort a more resilient and sustainable community. We spread a lot of mulch and rotate crops to build up our soil, plant flowers, trees, and shrubs to support beneficial insects, try to conserve water through the use of drip irrigation and mulching , and our home and farm are powered by a grid-intertied solar electric system that my husband, Andy, installed last fall.

thelightclinic  The Light Clinic, Inc. is a holistic health center specializing in Neijing Acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Craniosacral therapy, wellness workshops, and rare, specialty teas and teaware. Our teas are all loose-leafed, high quality teas that are delicious to taste and are medicinal in action. They can be used as a daily drinking tea, to help aliments, to accompany life journeys, and to nourish the body and soul. The teaware provide a perfect vehicle to heighten and enliven the tea experience, and can be used individually or to entertain guests. We hope you enjoy these rare, special teas and teaware. Some say tea can change a person’s life; we know that to be true! We look forward to you experiencing the teas and their bounty for yourself!


Elkhorn Fresh Farm – fresh local produce from the banks of the beautiful Elkhorn creek. Raising asparagus garlic and blackberries.

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