We are a local on-line delivery service for Frankfort, Ky.  We work to support the distribution of local producers’ and artisans’ products and connect the customer to producer with convenience and ease.  We have a personal relationship with all of the producers and artisans we list.  So, we know their products are of the highest quality.

All of our producers’ produce is untreated with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  All of our artisan’s products are created with consciousness of their positive impact on the earth and the community.  All of our producers’ goods, raw and value added, are locally sourced and created with care and consideration of the customer, community and environment.

Buy purchasing from Peddlers’ Produce you are giving yourself the gift of a quality product, the community the gift of a strong supportive local economy and the environment the gift of reverence and love.  You can feel confident all of the products listed are of the highest quality for your family, friends and yourself to enjoy.  Peddlers’ Produce works to take care of the logistics of distribution so you are able to support your local economy with the ease and convenience found in the global marketplace.

Please visit Our Vendors page to read about our Artisan and Producer affiliates.

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