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So… we are now into a time for sowing.  Sow the thoughts and seeds of the upcoming year.  For the western world the New Year is January 1, for the Chinese calendar the New Year is February 19th and for soil workers the new year is right now.  This is the time for bed prep, some early spring seed and cover sowing and garden/field mapping and building.  Doing these things now lets the image of the upcoming year crystalize with the winter’s frosts and snow.  Focusing on transition management creates flow in the garden.  When we focus on starting everything in the spring and putting everything to bed in the fall opportunities are lost.  It is the equivalent of navigating a street with four stop signs in a row as opposed to 4 round-abouts.  So much time and energy is spent to start and stop.  To always keep something moving and the soil primed is beneficial in so many ways.

However, finding the balance that allows for continued movement while acknowledging and respecting the contemplative inwardness and slowness of winter is critical for creative health.  So, in a time of forward thinking, rather than the reactionary improv of the summer, we begin our winter stew.  Something to nibble and taste through the cold still months and then benefit from as the days lengthen and the ground thaws.

…And… as long as we give ourselves plenty of space to create the garden still feeds us through the fall season with very little effort.  NoMad Farms’ garden is still very much up and providing the fall sustenance.  We have fall shares to offer on a week by week basis.  If you are interested in a fall share please contact us and let us know.  The price is $25 for a 1/2 to full bushel of greens, roots, fruits and maybe even some nuts, available for pick up or delivery ($5 delivery fee).  We also are introducing half shares this fall.  These are $15 for a 1/4 to 1/2 bushel of the same variety as the full shares, only half the size. We will have these available for the remainder of the growing season, until the sweet sugars of fall fade to winter.

   IMG_0759    IMG_0773    IMG_0775

In the store the vendors of Peddlers’ Produce have a great selection.  Elkhorn Fresh Farm has beautiful garlic and butternut squash.  Hosey Honey has some of their best honey available as does Fritz’s Apiary.  Fritz has been beekeeping for 20 years and loves his bees, this is apparent in the taste and quality of the honey.  Check out our vendors page and Fritz’s Apiary to see Fritz’s honey for only $10/lb.  Add it to your veggie box or order by itself.

IMG_20140725_162938583  fritz

Visit Peddlers Produce to browse the wonderful selection of the The Light Clinic’s tea.  These teas are absolutely amazing and carefully chosen by some of Frankfort’s leading tea experts.  The are delicious and relaxing and each one takes you on its own special journey.  Please take the time to check out their selection.  You will be so happy you did.


Peddlers’ Produce has a $25 weekly variety box available.  This box is similar to the CSA share without the commitment to 20 weeks.  It is a great way to get the benefit of the variety and seasonal produce while fitting it into your busy life as you are able.  Check out our product description here.  We have plenty of recipes and suggestions for how to use the items in each box.  It is great whether you have a potluck to prepare for, or you want to add some local produce to your everyday meals.  Sign up for our newsletter and we will be able to send you a list of everything in your box and accompanying recipes and preparation ideas to go along with your produce.  Last week our boxes included items such as chard, potatoes, beets, purple top turnips, parsley, basil, oregano, green beans and tomatoes. This week we also have options such as carrots, zucchinis and summer squashes onions and garlic.  If there is something you see in our store’s vegetable selection that you want to make sure makes it to your box let us know.  We will work to make sure you get what you want.  See our pintrest page for some links to recipe ideas.

IMG_0824    IMG_20140726_160750321    IMG_0610

Also check out our native plant section, Connie May with Chrysalis Natural Landscapes, now has a listing in our store.  Please contact her for further pricing.  Chrysalis Natural Landscapes offers a variety of services and is able to add a wonderful additions to any of your gardens.  Be sure to check out her website for a full list of services.  See her beautiful native blazing star


We are excited  to be able to list Earth Tools‘ products.  NoMad Farms utilizes much of what Earth Tools has to offer in equipment and gardening tools and is excited to be able to feature some of their selection in our store.  Check it out, they have an amazing selection of high quality hand and gardening tools and their 2 wheel tractors are perfect for many small scale organic farming jobs.  If there is anything you see on their website that we do not have listed, we will work with Earth Tools to deliver it to your home.  Just contact us and let us know what you would like from their tools selection and we will take it from there.

IMG_0700        IMG_0776

NoMad Farms has a weekly variety box and a la carte produce available for sale.  Visit our products page in our store for a full listing.  Remember to visit our Pintrest page and please like us on Facebook. Remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates on what is available in our store.  As always please visit our store for happy browsing.   Happy Shopping, The Peddler

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