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A great thing happened this week on NoMad Farms…  Melons Went In.  Now the countdown begins to August melon happiness.  Even beyond their tastiness and sweet summer relief we see melons as one of the top “inventions” humans have made agriculturally.  Perhaps a top 10 list could be generated in this vein.

One of the reasons Melons were cultivated, developed and selected out over time, from their wild, tropical habitat in Southern Africa, was for water and nutritive storage capacities.  In arid climates and nomadic cultures melons were a way people could capture water in a vessel that could store easily for long periods of time and could be easily transported and distributed.  Subsequently it also provided valuable vitamins and water soluble nutrients that could also be stored and transported to accompany people as they followed the seasons and herds.  It was a natural source of energy replenishment.  It is an amazing co-creative way man worked with nature to solve their water, distributive and nutritive needs thousands of years ago.  We benefit from this effort today half way around the world and it is remembered as we set this year’s crop.

Ali-Baba-Watermelon-web   Cream-of-Saskatchewan-Watermelon-web   Orange-Glo-watermelon-web

Now fast forward to today.  We are technically the same species, with a supposedly advanced mind and knowledge, and, our “best” agricultural efforts are yielding agricultural “inventions” that are capable of destroying pollinator ( bee and many other species) populations while simultaneously destroying soil fertility exponentially faster than any other time in human history.  Our most clever efforts to develop evolved cultivars are focused on withstanding the poisons we create and providing reproductive sterility to ensure patent protection.

The chemistry of artificial caffeine, highly manufactured syrups, food grade plastics and artificial chemical energy supplements and adrenal bumps make up much of our health supplementation compared to the natural energy, vitamins and sugar of the melons.

Compare the clever nomadic distribution of nutrients, food and water of the melon cultivar evolution to our current most “clever” distribution efforts of chemical sprays and off the vine ripening.  While our most “clever” distribution system focuses on limiting the production creativity of farmers and corralling consumers and producers to only have a choice of sale and purchase within a declining system controlled by a select few.  In fact, even within the melon production one of the biggest “advances” in the evolution of melons is that we now have seedless varieties.  Seems like a far cry from the minds that saw potential in a tiny edible fruit in a tropical forest and created a product to provide nutritive and fertility benefits to nature and humans for thousands of years and countless cultures.

IMG_0535  IMG_0536  IMG_0539  IMG_0540

Perhaps, claims of being an advanced and evolved society would not hold so much water if compared with the accomplishments and truly clever advancements thousands of years ago.  Meanwhile efforts to develop a “better” melon focus on seedless varieties and GMO technologies even in “organic” production, and arguably at the expense of ecosystem quality, natural storage capacities, natural disease and pest resistance and overall nutritional benefits.

Perhaps, if we weren’t always in search only of the “low hanging fruit” we could create our tree of life (without being choked out by our tree of knowledge) to live more abundantly, easily and without as much toil for generations to come.  Then, we might just have more time in August to simply sit and enjoy the melons.

There must be some balance between the creativity, innovativeness, and the nomadic/indigenous cultures that made up the bulk of our pre-industrialized globalized world and our drive, production and technology of a post industrial/ WWII world.  NoMad finds it is easy to dream about this world while sharing laughs and a quality, slow prepared meal with friends, family and children, from seed to table.  Somewhere in there, there is something for everyone.

IMG_0492      IMG_0498      IMG_0502

On a lighter note…

Peddlers’ Produce has a $25 weekly variety box available.  This box is similar to the CSA share without the commitment to 20 weeks.  It is a great way to get the benefit of the variety and seasonal produce while fitting it into your busy life as you are able.  Check out our product description here.  We have plenty of recipes and suggestions for how to use the items in each box.  It is great whether you have a potluck to prepare for, or you want to add some local produce to your everyday meals.  Sign up for our newsletter and we will be able to send you a list of everything in your box and accompanying recipes and preparation ideas to go along with your produce.  Last week our boxes included items such as kale, collards, mustard greens, head lettuce, salad mix, snap and shell peas, garlic scapes, hakurei turnips and radishes.  See our pintrest page for some links to recipe ideas.

IMG_0512    IMG_0216   IMG_0489

We are excited to have local beekeeper, Fritz’s Apiary honey, in our store.  Check out our vendors page and Fritz’s Apiary to see Fritz’s honey for only $10/lb.  Add it to your veggie box or order by itself.  Fritz has been beekeeping for 20 years and loves his bees, this is apparent in the taste and quality of the honey.


Also check out our native plant section, Connie May with Chrysalis Natural Landscapes, now has a listing in our store.  Please contact her for further pricing.  Chrysalis Natural Landscapes offers a variety of services and is able to add a wonderful additions to any of your gardens.  Be sure to check out her website for a full list of services.  See her beautiful native blazing star here.

                       chrysalislogo                        image

We are pleased to be working with Fuzzy Face Farm.  This is a groundbreaking farm, literally.  These guys just rolled into town from Vermont this past winter and have wasted no time.  They are ambitious and breaking ground and really getting going at their beautiful ridge top  farm.  Visit their Facebook page here and vendor page to find out more about their products and vision.  It is really great.  We look forward to being able to host their products soon.


We are also extremely excited and happy to be working now with Earth Tools.  NoMad Farms utilizes much of what Earth Tools has to offer in equipment and gardening tools and is excited to be able to feature some of their selection in our store.  Check it out, they have an amazing selection of high quality hand and gardening tools and their 2 wheel tractors are perfect for many small scale organic farming jobs.  If there is anything you see on their website that we do not have listed, we will work with Earth Tools to deliver it to your home.  Just contact us and let us know what you would like from their tools selection and we will take it from there.

IMG_0511      IMG_0170


NoMad Farms has a weekly variety box and a la carte produce available for sale.  Visit our products page in our store for a full listing.  Remember to visit our Pintrest page and please like us on Facebook. Remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates on what is available in our store.  As always please visit our store for happy browsing.   Happy Shopping, The Peddler

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