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A good friend of NoMad Farms and great Chinese Astrological resource, The Light Clinic, let us know a couple of months ago that May would be hot.  At the time with an unseasonably cold and snowy March it was hard to believe.  But it went along with our feeling that we needed to keep preparing as if March was warm because when the weather broke it would be spring loaded.  Turns out we were right to heed that advise and right to listen to our gut.  May has come and everything is going strong. Interestingly this is a late spring season mixed with an early summer season so the first greens and peas are starting to jump right along with the peppers and tomatoes, strange indeed.  Mother nature always keeping us on our toes.  This kind of weather does allow for a wide cross section of produce not normally seen without using a high tunnel in the early season, as well as a strong fall garden.

To prepare for the heat and the wetness that is here now, and potentially here for this whole season, it is important for us to find a way to keep our greens supply going during difficult germination times.  So we procured a rabbit hutch to repurpose as a shade house.  Saturday our field trip was visiting our Franklin County garden where the hutch was located, loading a 10ft long hutch into a 6ft truck bed (very interesting), and making our way to our Owen Co garden to be converted to a shade house.  So far so good.

IMG_0137              IMG_0141

We can now walk our gardens and begin sampling the produce.  The peas are in flower and the turnips and parsleys are getting ready to reach your table.  Our greens look wonderful and I can assure you taste great.  Our arugala is developing a nice soft smokey spice that will add depth to your dishes, and our potatoes and garlic are looking super.

IMG_0147      IMG_0003     IMG_0004

Peddlers’ Produce has new items for sale!

NoMad Farms has plants for sale.  Check out the store to see our selection of vegetable and flower sets.  All sets our $2 and were grown and cared for right in our own greenhouse for seed to set.  These are the same sets we use in our gardens and we put the same quality and care in our plants starts as we do in our produce.   A great way for you to build your own food supply and get a jump on your gardening season.  Whether you are after fruit, greens, roots, flowers or herbs we have something to offer you.  Our lavender, tomato, pepper and eggplants are highly recommended.

IMG_0021    IMG_0023     IMG_0014

We are also extremely excited and happy to be working now with Earth Tools.  NoMad Farms utilizes much of what Earth Tools has to offer in equipment and gardening tools and is excited to be able to feature some of their selection in our store.  Check it out, they have an amazing selection of high quality hand and gardening tools and their 2 wheel tractors are perfect for many small scale organic farming jobs.  If there is anything you see on their website that we do not have listed, we will work with Earth Tools to deliver it to your home.  Just contact us and let us know what you would like from their tools selection and we will take it from there.




Look for our a la carte produce for sales, cut flower bouquets, and our weekly variety boxes in the next week or two.

Remember to visit our Pintrest page and please like us on Facebook. Remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates on what is available in our store.  As always please visit our store for happy browsing.


Happy Shopping,

The Peddler



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