May Day… Bring on the Flowers and Fruit

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Derby weekend.  Enough said.  NoMad Farms jumped on the date and put the nightshades out.  Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants waiting for freedom from their greenhouse cell blocks were all put out.  Amazingly we have somehow acquired quite a bit of straw over the past few months and we tucked our prized fruit producers into their new beds with a thick fresh application of straw.  We also were able to get a sequential planting of carrots and lettuce out.  I think our most exciting time though was getting our flower and herb sets out.  Oregano, Lavender, Statice, Stock, Ruby Red Silk, Snap Dragons and on.  We also carried our amaranth experiment further and set out some starts.  In the US amaranth historically is weeded out as pig weed, in other countries the cultivar was developed out into a high yield protein grain.  So we are growing a small patch of this grain Amaranth to see what happens.  If nothing else it should be beautiful.

image           image

Peddlers Produce has plants for sale.  If any of the above interests you please contact us.  We are not listing these on the site just yet but if you are looking for a source for tomato, pepper, eggplant, herb or annual flower sets contact us and we will letyou know what plants we have available.

It is amazing that even with such a wet winter I am finding myself looking for rain.  I love Mother Nature she is the most wonderful teacher.  Every year has a new cycle and a new rhythm.  I still can honestly say I have never experienced a year that replicated another and there has never been a year even similar to the one before.  Pretty exciting really.

IMG_6883             image


Soon we will have a la carte produce for sale and our weekly variety boxes.  We have been meeting quite a few great producers and hope to have their products available and listed soon.

Visit our product page to learn more.  If you would like to find out more or have any questions please contact us.  For recipes, gardening ideas and general merriment please visit our Pintrest page and please like us on Facebook. Remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates on what is available in our store.  As always please visit our store for happy browsing.


Happy Shopping,

The Peddler



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