A time to sow and a time to reap…and… most importantly a time to reflect

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So this is the calm before the May push.  Preparation of beds for the nightshades and summer fruit crop transplants was the primary focus for the week.  NoMad Farms was able to put out our friendly BD sprays to encourage the healthy microbes for the spring season in our compost piles and beds.  The biodynamic sprays are nice for two reasons.  One, they encourage healthy soil balance and life and two, getting the sprays together and putting them out is always a fun community event and conversation is always wonderful.  This year’s conversation ranged from agricultural issues in India and Australia to 90’s sci-fi action movies.  It is always a dynamic and fun conversation for these dynamic and fun sprays.


A grower from South Carolina told me their target all in date for their garden is traditionally Good Friday.  Here, I hear Good Friday as a traditional target for potatoes but not necessarily the entire garden.  That mark tends to be the week after Derby Day.  We are excited for this mark and excited to be able to hit this mark.  With all the rain showing for this week, cultivation and bed prep remained at the top of our priority.  This way we will be ready as soon as the ground dries to go right into transplanting and sequential sowing.  We created a few sequential trays to prime the later May and early June flow as well.  Very soon, harvesting will be layered into our operational responsibilities and getting ahead of the 8 ball for that quickly arriving day is imperative.  The game of systems management must be a love to anyone growing and farming.  We love it and it is a game.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn but most of the time it is both.


However, no matter if you are winning or learning Mother Nature’s spring babies are always there to help anyone smile anytime.




We sold our last remaining share.  Soon we will have a la carte produce for sale and our weekly variety boxes.  We have been meeting quite a few great producers and hope to have their products available and listed soon.

Visit our product page to learn more.  If you would like to find out more or have any questions please contact us.  For recipes, gardening ideas and general merriment please visit our Pintrest page and please like us on Facebook. Remember to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest updates on what is available in our store.  As always please visit our store for happy browsing.


Happy Shopping,

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