It is risen… It is risen indeed.

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 Easter weekend came showing truth to its purpose.  Historically, some planting calendars mark several days through Easter Weekend as blackout days.  This means that one may consider not planting, harvesting, or managing gardens during this timeframe.  Some more absolute thoughts on these “blackout” transitions, shun any garden work at all.  Typically we on NoMad Farms, tend to be more contemplative than absolute during general “blackout” transitions in the garden; weighing the pros and cons of actions and trying to get done what we can, while acknowledging the wisdom of the historic planting calendars and schools of thought.  However, Easter weekend we stayed absolute in our approach  and the garden responded in kind.  We stayed out~ leaving God’s time to God, the Mother’s time to the Mother, Nature’s time to Nature, the Creator’s time to the Creator.  After all, even the Earth and Sky need time to think through their transitions without some human buzzing around their ear requesting gifts.


Funny thing….  As repeatedly proven….  The earth, and specifically our garden, keeps right on humming whether we are there or not.  Our arugula sown last weekend is up and looking fantastic.  Greens are on the way.  The frost from last week was perfect and hardened off the plants without killing them, leaving them stronger and more deeply rooted and ready for food production.  The sweet potato slips are shooting up.  Trees are showing full bloom and everything is noticeably “more alive.”  All is well in the garden, and here the Earth is finished hitting its snooze alarm, is setting its feet on the floor, stretching, looking for slippers and getting ready to meet the day.  This growing season is sure to be a great one.


DSC02856 DSC02887

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