April Showers Brings Greens, Cabbages, Onions and Turnips

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April showers are here.  I am not sure about the flowers but we definitely have greens on the way.  After the showing that April made this past week it left us to wonder ‘what does mother nature have in store.’  So NoMad Farms seized an opportunity to open up 2 raised beds for faster drying.  It worked.  On Sunday despite the 5+ inches of rain through the week we were ready for a big transplanting of greens, cabbages and green bunching onions.  We even got a sowing of hakurei turnips down.   Carrots began poking up and the spring sown garlic all just jumped up.

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Inside the greenhouse we got an opportunity, while things were drying out, to get a big sowing of flowers, tomatoes and peppers into soil blocks.  The peppers, eggplants and tomatoes all were taken out from under the lights and put out with the big kids.  Everything is really looking great.  After the new moon we moved straight into a downpour of rain and saturated air and the moon went into the ascending phase.  Some combination of all these had everything standing straight up.  It was a beautiful Saturday and Sunday.



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