March comes in like a lion and goes out like a … lion?

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So this amazing March 31st validates the super combo leaf trine with a beautiful spring day following a weekend of beautiful spring showers.  With this weekend peas are now all starting to germinate and the fall set garlic is looking lovely springing from its straw bed.  This weekend NoMad Farms used the rain day to do some reconnaissance and secure some much-needed items.  So, up to an old chicken run we went to dismantle and reuse the assembly for this year’s garden infrastructure. We learned a lot this field trip (mostly that no matter how hard you plan a stomach virus loves to wait till you are the most preoccupied to reveal itself) and the pillaging was a success.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the peppers, eggplants and tomatoes were all ready for potting up.  A new bed was opened for a sowing of broccoli and our potatoes and onion sets are on deck to go down.  Given how late the spring feels everything is still moving steadily in the greenhouse and, really, outside as well.  It has been nice to have a transition period this year.  The past two years the growing season hit like a 16-year-old learning to drive a standard, and before we knew it we were into the 90 degree garden beasts (pig weed, Johnson grass, vines etc…).  By this time last year hen bit was nearly in full force but its (and the other spring occupying forces) late arrival has made spring garden bed prepping much more enjoyable and relaxed.

photo-3 photo-2


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