The Freeze After the Thaw

This week things keep moving forward at Nomad Farms.  Peas were put in the ground.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, early flowers, bunching onions and leeks were all sown for starts in the greenhouse.  A spring round of garlic was also set.

The ground, while still pretty wet and cold, is starting to warm up and dry out from the thaw.  A round of peas sown 2 weeks ago is up and the fall garlic is showing itself through its winter blanket of straw.

Saturday was a great day for growth and soil drying and Sunday snowed enough to be perfect for pushing the newly sown peas into the soil for a cozy fit.  Great for germination!

The 20 week subscription is now available at the Peddlers’ Produce Store.  We only have 4 slots available for this season.  With this subscription you will receive a 10% discount on all other Peddlers’ Produce purchases during the 20 week season.  A full description of the 20 week package can be found on our product page.

Remember to visit our Pintrest link, located at the top of the page, for great recipes, gardening ideas, and general merriment.

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